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- 3 Jun 15, 6:19pm -

Afghanistan News - Yahoo

  • newTop Asian News 10:39 a.m. GMT
    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea has moved up the window of its planned long-range rocket launch to Feb. 7-14, South Korea's Defense Ministry said Saturday. The launch, which the North says is an effort to send a satellite into orbit, would be…
    - 35 mins ago 6 Feb 16, 10:39am -
  • newRough seas, harsh winter, border limits add to migrant woes
    PRESEVO, Serbia (AP) — Rasul Orwani thought he had faced the worst after braving cold, rough seas in a rickety wooden boat to travel from Turkey to Greece, then came the Balkans.
    - 2 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 9:06am -
  • newFour-country talks resume on path to Afghan peace
    ISLAMABAD (AP) — China, the United States, Afghanistan and Pakistan launched their third round of talks Saturday aimed at finding a way to get the warring Taliban to sit and talk peace with the Afghan government.
    - 2 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 8:54am -
  • newPakistan wants as many Taliban groups as possible to join talks
    Pakistan said as many Taliban groups as possible must be persuaded to join any upcoming peace discussions with the Afghan government, as a third round of four-country talks aimed at reviving negotiations with the insurgent group began Saturday. Dele…
    - 3 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 7:55am -
  • newEfforts to revive Afghan peace talks continue in Pakistan
    By Krista Mahr and Asad Hashim ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Representatives from Pakistan, Afghanistan, the United States and China met in Islamabad on Saturday to continue work on a roadmap for peace talks with Taliban insurgents who have ramped up their v…
    - 4 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 7:12am -
  • newPentagon releases photos of alleged detainee abuse
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon on Friday released nearly 200 photographs of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan, taken mostly between 2004 and 2006, involving 56 cases of alleged abuse by U.S. forces.
    - 8 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 2:47am -
  • newPentagon releases photos tied to Afghan, Iraq detainee abuse
    The Pentagon on Friday released 198 photographs linked to allegations of abuse of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan, many of them showing close-ups of cuts and bruises to arms and legs of prisoners held in U.S. facilities. The Pentagon said the phot…
    - 11 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 11:50pm -
  • newPentagon releases vetted batch of detainee abuse photos
    The Pentagon on Friday released a small portion of photographs showing injuries suffered by detainees allegedly at the hands of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan over a decade ago. At least one service member was sentenced to life in prison as a res…
    - 12 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 11:16pm -
  • newIn Obama's final year, Senate is slow to act on his nominees
    WASHINGTON (AP) — If you wear combat fatigues to work, then your nomination is almost sure to sail through the Senate. If not, you're likely in for a long wait.
    - 13 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 10:21pm -
  • newWill Bernie Sander’s Foreign Policy Stumbles Derail His Campaign?
    Did Sen. Bernie Sanders have a Ben Carson moment during Thursday night’s debate with Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire? On most topics — from income inequality and the sins of Wall Street to healthcare reform and education — the 74-year-old dem…
    - 13 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 10:13pm -
  • newAustralian foreign minister met Assange lawyers, offers consular assistance
    By Matt Siegel SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has met with lawyers for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and offered consular assistance for the Australian, after a U.N. panel ruled he had been arbitrarily detained for alm…
    - 13 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 10:10pm -
  • newCanada to boost troops in anti-ISIS mission, keep some planes: source
    By David Ljunggren OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada, under pressure to stay involved in the U.S-led mission against Islamic State, will boost the number of troops on training duty in Iraq while keeping reconnaissance and refueling planes in the region, a d…
    - 15 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 7:59pm -
  • newUnwelcome Refugees
    CALAIS, France—What is probably the best tandoori chicken in France is sold  in a refugee encampment in Calais, at a restaurant made of scrap wood and plastic tarps called the Three Idiots. “My intention was to go to England. “We cannot open…
    - 16 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 7:29pm -
  • newThe number of unemployed millennials is shrinking
    Good news for parents: Millennials in their early 20s found work in January. The unemployment rate for workers ages 20 to 24 dropped more than a full percentage point to 8.2 percent last month. That's ...
    - 17 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:54pm -
  • newTimeline of WikiLeaks founder's extradition fight
    Here are key dates in the five-year legal saga of Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. A Swedish prosecutor issues a European arrest warrant for Assange on sexual assault allegations involving two Swedish women. WikiLeaks starts releasing mo…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:31pm -
  • newAssange hails 'victory' from embassy balcony after UN panel ruling
    Speaking to a handful of supporters and a media scrum in a rare appearance from the balcony of the embassy where he took refuge nearly four years ago, Assange hailed a "victory of historical importance". Assange has refused to go to Sweden for quest…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 5:30pm -
  • newAfghan Taliban close ranks around new leader
    KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan's Taliban are closing ranks around their new leader after months of infighting that followed the death of Mullah Mohammad Omar, which could allow the insurgents to speak with one voice in hoped-for peace ta…
    - 18 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:53pm -
  • newWikiLeaks' Assange calls on Sweden, Britain to allow him freedom after U.N. panel report
    By Costas Pitas and Andy Bruce LONDON (Reuters) - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange called on Britain and Sweden on Friday to let him freely leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London after a U.N. panel ruled he had been arbitrarily detained and should b…
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:35pm -
  • newFall of Syria's Aleppo would hand Russia's Putin elusive prize
    By Andrew Osborn MOSCOW (Reuters) - Vladimir Putin thinks Russian air strikes in Syria have helped turn the war's tide but the pace of the Syrian army's advance has frustrated him, some sources say. If Aleppo falls, he could get the military and symb…
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:33pm -
  • newWhy are the Taliban rejecting ISIS advances in Afghanistan?
    The Taliban recently announced that it would not be open to allowing Islamic State (IS) operations in Afghanistan. The Taliban, a fundamentalist Islamic group currently at war with Afghanistan’s government, said that it would prevent IS from estab…
    - 23 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 11:51am -
  • newJulian Assange: WikiLeaks' fugitive anti-hero
    A United Nations report on Friday calling for Julian Assange's "detention" to be brought to an end is the latest twist in a long-running case pitting hi-tech activists against mighty governments. Sweden wants him extradited over an allegation of rap…
    - 24 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 11:21am -
  • 10 Things to Know for Today
    Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today:
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 11:01am -
  • US struggling to build anti-Islamic State strategy in Libya
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is struggling to find the right mix of military and diplomatic moves to stop the Islamic State in Libya, where the extremist group has taken advantage of the political chaos in the country to gain a footh…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 8:12am -
  • Today in History
    Today in History
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 5:01am -
  • WikiLeaks founder Assange may leave embassy after UN panel ruling
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange could walk out of the Ecuadoran embassy in London after more than three years on Friday, when a UN panel will rule whether he has been illegally held. The UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) is expected t…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 4:35am -
  • Top Asian News 4:22 a.m. GMT
    TOKYO (AP) — As Japan gears up to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and caters to a surging influx of foreign visitors, the country faces a cultural dilemma: Should it stop identifying Buddhist temples on maps with the traditional "manji" symbol that is…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 4:22am -
  • General says troop cuts constrain Afghan training mission
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The ability to train and advise the still green Afghan security forces will be constrained if the U.S. troop level is cut to 5,500 as President Barack Obama has proposed, the senior American commander in Afghanistan said on Thurs…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 12:13am -
  • U.S. Marine Corps expects budget squeeze to fund fleet modernization
    The United States Marine Corps will try to maintain funding for its plans to modernize its fleet of aging aircraft and ships in the fiscal 2017 defense budget, the commandant of the Marine Corps said on Thursday. General Robert Neller told Reuters o…
    - 1 day ago 4 Feb 16, 11:44pm -
  • Will America stick with Colombia in peace, as it did in war?
    After 15 years and $10 billion, the United States aid program known as Plan Colombia has helped put the country on the verge of peace for the first time in more than half a century. The Colombian government is in the final stages of peace negotiation…
    - 1 day ago 4 Feb 16, 11:16pm -
  • US withdrawal will hurt Afghan troop training: general
    The planned withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan will hurt efforts to train and support local forces, the top US and NATO military commander in the war-torn country said Thursday. General John Campbell, who is reaching the end of an 18-month tou…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 10:56pm -
  • WikiLeaks' Assange 'arbitrarily detained' in embassy, U.N. panel to say
    By Johan Ahlander and Guy Faulconbridge STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Reuters) - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been subject to 'arbitrary detention' during the 3-1/2 years he has spent in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid a rape investigation in…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 8:51pm -
  • Lawmakers introduce bill to make women register for draft
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Two Republican congressmen who are military veterans have introduced a bill requiring women to register for the draft.
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 7:31pm -
  • Number of migrants registering in Germany falls markedly in January
    Germany registered 91,671 migrants in January, less than half November's level, officials said on Thursday as pressure mounted on Chancellor Angela Merkel to deliver on her pledge to reduce the influx. An Interior Ministry statement on the latest mi…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 4:38pm -
  • Senate panel approves Obama's pick to lead forces in Afghanistan
    A Senate committee approved on Thursday President Barack Obama's pick to lead U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan. Lieutenant General John Nicholson's approval by the Senate Armed Services Committee came during a hearing with the outgoing U.…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 4:32pm -
  • Afghanistan's Abdullah expects talks with Taliban in months
    By Paritosh Bansal and Sanjeev Miglani NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Afghanistan expects to restart peace talks with the Taliban within six months, chief executive Abdullah Abdullah said on Thursday, pinning hopes on factions within the Islamist militant gr…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 12:03pm -
  • In-Depth Federal Budget Survey: Republicans and Democrats Agree on Changes Reducing Deficit By $52 billion
    WASHINGTON, Feb. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As the announcement of President Obama's FY2017 budget draws near, a new, national survey finds majorities of Republicans and Democrats agreeing on cuts in spending and increases in revenues that w…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 5:01am -
  • Jurors award man shot by deputy $23.1 million
    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A federal jury awarded $23.1 million on Wednesday to a 22-year-old black man who was unarmed when he was shot and paralyzed by a sheriff's deputy, but Florida lawmakers will have to approve any award above $200,000.
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 1:21am -
  • WikiLeaks founder Assange leaves fate up to UN panel
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said he could leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London on Friday pending an opinion by a UN panel on his alleged rape case -- but Britain said it would have to arrest him. Assange, who is wanted for extradition on a ra…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 12:15am -
  • Will ISIS Abandon the Caliphate for This Country?
    The militants may be taking hits in Iraq and Syria. But they're far from burying their heads in the sand.
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 12:00am -
  • Obama decries anti-Muslim rhetoric on first mosque visit
    Barack Obama offered an impassioned rebuttal of "inexcusable" Republican election rhetoric against Muslims Wednesday, on his first trip to an American mosque since becoming president seven years ago. "We've heard inexcusable political rhetoric again…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 9:43pm -

Afghan Islamic Press

  • 4/11/2013 5:03:45 AM PST
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    - 11 Apr 13, 6:03am -
  • 4/11/2013 12:29:50 AM PST
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    - 11 Apr 13, 1:30am -
  • Kazakhstan wants assistance with Afghanistan’s military
    Kazakhstan wants assistance with Afghanistan’s militaryHizb-i-Islami executive committee to decide participation in polls 4/10/2013 7:36:49 PM PSTKazakhstan wants assistance with Afghanistan’s militaryHizb-i-Islami executive commi…
    - 10 Apr 13, 8:37pm -
  • Justice Ministry announces 45 political parties as illegal
    Justice Ministry announces 45 political parties as illegalNew building for Badghis police headquarters openedMan killed in KunduzTwo Lithuanian troops injured in attack of ANA soldier 4/10/2013 2:29:05 PM PSTJustice Ministry announces 45…
    - 10 Apr 13, 3:29pm -
  • Afghan, US Presidents discuss bilateral issues
    Afghan, US Presidents discuss bilateral issuesOfficial says foreign forces killed civilian in HeratFour cops killed, district police chief among two injuredThree men abducted on Jalalabad-Torkham highway 4/10/2013 9:22:48 AM PSTAfghan, U…
    - 10 Apr 13, 10:23am -
  • 4/10/2013 4:44:44 AM PST
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    - 10 Apr 13, 5:44am -
  • 4/10/2013 12:02:48 AM PST
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    - 10 Apr 13, 1:03am -
  • 4/9/2013 7:44:27 PM PST
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    - 9 Apr 13, 8:44pm -
  • Three killed in Herat separately
    Three killed in Herat separatelyConsultative meeting for new IEC chairman heldFive civilians killed, four injured in Helmand blast 4/9/2013 2:40:35 PM PSTThree killed in Herat separatelyConsultative meeting for new IEC chairman held…
    - 9 Apr 13, 3:40pm -
  • 4/9/2013 10:07:34 AM PST
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    - 9 Apr 13, 11:07am -

Afghanistan News Google

Afghan News HelpViews:337468540ratingsTime:03:56More inHowto & Style
- 3 Jun 15, 6:19pm - Pakistan

  • new122 children die in 137 days in Thar
    THARPARKAR: The death of yet another infant at the Civil Hospital in Mithi has taken the infanticide rate in Tharparkar to over 122 in the last 37 years.The latest victim was a one year old girl who passed away due to malnutrition on Saturday....
    - 4 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 7:02am -
  • newPIA operations remain suspended for fifth day, passengers in limbo
    KARACHI: A late night meeting between the Privatization Commission Chairman Zubair Umar and the PIA Joint Action Committee ended without a solution on Friday night, with Umar demanding that flight operations be restored first while the JAC wants...
    - 4 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 7:02am -
  • newOne woman dead, 24 injured in Abbottabad blast
    ABBOTTABAD: One woman died and 24 persons injured in a blast in a guest house located in Mandian, an area of Abbottabad.According to police, the explosion took place as gas was filled in a room of the guest house.Meanwhile, rescue teams reached...
    - 6 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 5:02am -
  • newPakistani pilgrims stranded in Saudi Arabia reach Karachi, Islamabad
    KARACHI: Around 700 Pakistani Umrah pilgrims stranded in Saudi Arabia reached Karachi and Islamabad on two flights of Saudi Airlines on Friday.Around 300 pilgrims landed in Karachi and nearly 400 will board a flight to reach Islamabad, Geo News...
    - 19 hours ago 5 Feb 16, 4:02pm -
  • Kashmir issue test for Pak, India incumbent leadership: PM
    MUZAFFARABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday said Kashmir issue was a test for current leadership of Pakistan and India and people of both the countries could not prosper and progress, until the lingering issue was resolved.The Prime...
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 10:02am -
  • Seventh Karachi Literature Festival underway
    KARACHI: The seventh Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) kicked off with all its colours at Beach Luxury Hotel on Friday.US Consul General Brian Heath, Festival founders Ameena Saiyid and Asif Farrukhi and others attended the opening...
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 9:02am -
  • Will not bow down before illegally protesting PIA employees: PM
    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz has asserted that the government would not surrender before illegally protesting employees of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).Nawaz Sharif said here Friday some elements did not want prosperity of PIA and the...…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 8:02am -
  • Kashmir Solidarity Day being observed today
    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan along with the world is observing Kashmir Solidarity Day, internationally recognized as the to highlight the cause and the need for a resolution to the longstanding dispute as per the wishes of the Kashmiri people.The day is...
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 5:02am -
  • Rangers release video showing masked man in PIA protest
    KARACHI: The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) on Thursday said that the person shown as a suspect in a video released by Sindh Rangers is actually an employee of national flag carrier.Chairman JAC, Sohail...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 5:02pm -
  • Rashid blames ?mischievous elements? for disrupting PIA operations
    LAHORE: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Pervaiz Rashid on Thursday said that the ‘illegal’ strike of the employees of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) had failed and then despite the Prime Minister’s...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 3:02pm -
  • Pakistan Army extends helping hand to rescue avalanche-hit Indian soldiers
    RAWALPINDI: The director general military operations (DGMO) of Pakistan Army offered assistance to his Indian counterpart Thursday for the rescue of Indian soldiers who went missing after an avalanche hit the Siachen Glacier yesterday.At least 10...…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 2:02pm -
  • PM, COAS concerned over foreign agencies? role, Afghan border
    RAWALPINDI: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif on Thursday attended a high-level security meeting at the headquarters of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) in Islamabad.According to a statement...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 2:02pm -
  • NAB probes corruption charges on Sharjeel Memon
    KARACHI: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has submitted an inquiry report about corruption charges against former provincial information minister Sindh Sharjeel Memon in the Sindh High Court.The report said that Memon has committed...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 1:02pm -
  • Army Chief visits NCTC, reviews trilateral exercise Eagle Dash-I
    RAWALPINDI: Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif visited National Counter Terrorism Training Centre (NCTC), Pabbi and witnessed the trilateral exercise "Eagle Dash-I" taking place between Pakistan, Sri Lanka and...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 11:02am -
  • PM accepts resignation of PIA chairman Nasser Jaffer
    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday accepted the resignation of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Chairman Nasser Jaffer who had resigned following the death of PIA employees during protests in Karachi.Sources at the PM House...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 10:02am -
  • Passengers holding confirmed PIA tickets can travel on Air Blue  
    KARACHI: Passengers holding confirmed tickets of the national airline will be honoured by Air Blue according to the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) spokesman.The national carrier's spokesman, Danial Gillani said on Thursday that an...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 9:02am -
  • Terrorist Abu Abdullah hanged in Kohat Jail
    KOHAT: A key facilitator of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Bilal Ahmed alias Abu Abdullah was executed in Kohat Central Jail early on Thursday morning.Bilal s/o Faiz Ahmed was arrested two years back from his native village Suraj in...…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 8:02am -
  • Rangers will always be remembered for restoring peace in Karachi
    KARACHI: Corps Commander Karachi, Lt. General Naveed Mukhtar lauded the efforts of the paramilitary force for bringing peace in Karachi adding that whenever restoration of peace in the port city is discussed, the paramilitary force’s...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 7:02am -
  • 150 flights cancelled, passengers in limbo as PIA strike continues
    KARACHI: Over 150 flights of the national airline have been cancelled as the employees of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) continued their protest for the tenth day and flight operations remained suspended for the third day on...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 6:02am -
  • US FBI confirms fake degree trade under Axact
    By Umar CheemaISLAMABAD: The United States has now officially confirmed that the 334 online American universities and accredited institutions run by the Karachi-based company Axact for selling degrees and diplomas are fake, a damning declaration...
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 4:02am -

All PakistaninNews

  • Fire in Rawalpindi Five-Star Hotel Put-out
    The intense fire that broke out in a five-star hotel has been extinguished on Wednesday after an hour of strained efforts. The upscale hotel located on Rawalpindi’s Mall Road, caught fire moments after midnight. Before long, several fire tenders as…
    - 31 days ago 6 Jan 16, 5:43am -
  • Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Birth Anniversary Today
    Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is celebrating 88th birth anniversary of its founder and former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto on Tuesday in Larkana and other cities. Wreaths will be laid at the grave of founding chairman of PPP and special praye…
    - 32 days ago 5 Jan 16, 10:48am -
  • POL Prices likely to Decrease Next Month
    The government is expected to cut prices of various petroleum products from December 1, learnt on Monday. The domestic price of petrol is likely to be decreased by Rs3.0, high speed diesel Rs4.10, light diesel Rs2.50, kerosene oil Rs3.50 and high oct…
    - 74 days ago 24 Nov 15, 6:23am -
  • Gas Leakage leaves 150 Unconscious in Lahore
    Nearly 150 people including children and women fell unconscious when ammonia gas leaked in a cold storage facility in the Badami Bagh area of Lahore, news reported on Tuesday. Administration sealed off the cold storage after the incident. According t…
    - 74 days ago 24 Nov 15, 6:04am -
  • General Raheel visits Brazil Army Headquarters
    Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Raheel Sharif, Tuesday visited Brazil army headquarters and held meeting with country’s military commander, news reported. According to ISPR, the COAS was presented guard of honor and 19-gun salute on his arrival…
    - 74 days ago 24 Nov 15, 5:43am -
  • Sindh Festival Corruption Stirs NAB Against Saeen Govt
    National Accountability Bureau (NAB) took up the issue of embezzlement in last year’s Sindh Festival and began investigations against the provincial government. The bureau demanded from the Accountant General the details regarding the corruption wo…
    - 94 days ago 4 Nov 15, 8:29am -
  • Reham Khan First Public Appearance After Breakup
    Former wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Reham Khan made first public appearance in a ceremony in Britain after the breakup, News reported on Wednesday. Addressing a media conference in Manchester, Reham Khan shunned questions regarding her separation…
    - 94 days ago 4 Nov 15, 8:24am -
  • Five Political Workers Arrested in Rangers Raid
    As many as five political workers have been arrested during a raid by the personnel of paramilitary force in Karachi area of Liaquatabad in Friday’s wee hours. The rangers continued their targeted operation in different parts of the metropolis and…
    - 9 Oct 15, 7:29am -
  • Army Wants Better Managed Afghan Border
    Days after the top US military commander in Afghanistan said that the military operation by the Pakistan Army in the tribal border areas had forced militants across the Durand Line, military commanders in Rawalpindi on Thursday discussed ways to shor…
    - 9 Oct 15, 7:11am -
  • Speaker Disallows Resolution on Mina Tragedy
    A resolution sought to be moved by Leader of Opposition in the Punjab Assembly Mian Mehmoodur Rashid demanding that the government step up efforts for missing Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia and lodge an official protest with the Saudi government was not…
    - 9 Oct 15, 6:37am -

Pakistan News Google

Armenia News

  • Armenian vice-premier's brother-in-law taken in police custody for suspected bribe-taking
    YEREVAN, February 5. /ARKA/. Two officers of the Armenian agriculture ministry's food safety service taken yesterday in police custody on suspicion of receiving bribes for permitting sales of foods with expired shelf live into Armenia, Hraparak repor…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 8:10am -
  • Armenian harvest to invest 1.6 billion drams in growing of Dutch roses
    YEREVAN, February 4. /ARKA/. Armenian Harvest, a company specializing now in growing of tomatoes and cucumbers, has been awarded today by the government a VAT payment deferment until July 31, 2016 after pledging to import 1.3 billion drams worth equi…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 2:52am -
  • Partners in Peace: Georgian defense chief discusses regional security on Armenia trip
    On the one hand, experts say that Georgia is trying to invite Armenia to the security system under the auspices of the West, on the other hand, they think that Tbilisi is trying to understand the extent to which Armenia, a member of the Russian-led C…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 8:44pm -
  • Armenia's Russian Murder Scandal: Can Justice Be Served? Feb 3 2016 Armenia's Russian Murder Scandal: Can Justice Be Served? February 3, 2016 - 11:56am, by Marianna Grigoryan With a high-profile trial in Armenia set to resume in which a Russian soldier stands accused of murdering a family of…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 10:09am -
  • Family of Jailed Armenian Conscript Fear He Might Kill Himself in Prison
    Family of Jailed Armenian Conscript Fear He Might Kill Himself in Prison 02.03.2016 16:04 An Ashtarak woman has written an appeal letter to Armenia's Prosecutor General Gevorg Kostanyan, requesting his assistance in freeing her son, a forme…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 10:09am -
  • No Zika virus in Armenia
    YEREVAN, February 3. /ARKA/. Armenian health minister Armen Muradyan said today the ministry does not exclude the probability of Zika virus' arrival in the country, saying also this issue was discussed at a meeting with leading and chief epidemiologi…
    - 2 days ago 4 Feb 16, 4:37am -
  • Armenian Minister Justifies Monopolies
    The existence of business monopolies is inevitable in a country like Armenia and the authorities in Yerevan are therefore not seeking to eliminate them, Economy Minister Karen Chshmaritian said on Wednesday. "The government has not fought and will no…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 10:24pm -
  • New Opposition Party Moves To Recruit Election Volunteers
    A recently formed opposition party led by Nikol Pashinian hopes to recruit thousands of volunteers in an effort to ensure the proper conduct of next year's parliamentary elections at polling stations across Armenia. The party called Civil Contract ha…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 10:24pm -
  • Switzerland was largest foreign investor in Armenia in first nine months of 2015
    YEREVAN, February 3. /ARKA/. Switzerland was the largest foreign investor in the Armenian economy in the first nine months of 2015, economy minister Karen Chshmarityan said today.
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 4:37pm -
  • Armenia violates ceasefire with Azerbaijan over 120 times in 24 hours
    Armenian armed forces broke ceasefire with Azerbaijan 121 times on various parts of the contact line between Azerbaijani and Armenian troops over the past 24 hours, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said Feb. 3. Azerbaijani positions located in the na…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 11:50am -
  • Iran may invest as much as $1 billion in various projects in Armenia, expert says
    YEREVAN, February 3. /ARKA/. Iran may invest as much as $1 billion in various projects in Armenia after getting access to $1 billion 'frozen' assets overseas after the implementation of a nuclear agreement last month, an Armenian expert in Iranian af…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 11:50am -
  • Ameriabank atop 2015 Cbonds ranking for Armenia's domestic bond arrangers
    YEREVAN, February 3. /ARKA/. Ameriabank is topping Cbonds ranking for Armenia's arrangers of domestic bonds.
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 11:50am -

Azerbaijan news

Turkmenistan News

  • President of Turkmenistan chairs State Security Council meeting
    President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov chaired a meeting of the State Security Council. As the correspondent reports from Ashgabat, the meeting reviewed the results of work of the military and law enforcement agencies of…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 8:02am -
  • Turkmenistan takes part in International Waterbird Census
    Turkmenistan has conducted a traditional winter ornithological survey as part of the International Waterbird Census. The survey covered the Hazar State Reserve, as well as the areas of Amu Darya and Karakum rivers, being the most visited by birds.r…
    - 1 day ago 5 Feb 16, 7:02am -
  • Turkmenistan takes draft of new edition of Constitution to nationwide discussion
    President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov chaired a meeting of the Constitutional Commission for Improvement of the Constitution of Turkmenistan. The commission was established by the decree of the head of state in May 2014 with the view of carrying out c…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 7:52am -
  • Days of Culture of Iran begin in Turkmenistan
    Days of Culture of the Islamic Republic of Iran have started in Ashgabat. A delegation of workers of art and culture of Iran headed by Chairman of the Organization for Islamic Culture and Relations Abuzar Ebrahimi Torkaman arrived in the capital of…
    - 3 days ago 3 Feb 16, 7:20am -
  • Turkmenistan to publish explanatory and spelling dictionaries of Turkmen language
    Explanatory Dictionary of Turkmen Language and Spelling Dictionary of Turkmen language will be published in Turkmenistan for the first time ever since independence. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister for Science and Education Sapardurdy Toy…
    - 7 days ago 30 Jan 16, 7:32am -

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  • newBreaking the norms
    Inspired by William Dalrymple's Nine Lives, photographer Anna Fox has set out in search of nine subjects for her work in India
    - 49 mins ago 6 Feb 16, 10:25am -
  • newMore, but not merrier
    Kollywood is unable to maximise the potential of its films, as too many of them are releasing at once
    - 49 mins ago 6 Feb 16, 10:25am -
  • newLIVE: Ashwin
    The auction of players for Indian Premier League is being held on Saturday in Bengaluru. The latest auction witness 351 players going under the hammer and that includes 230 Indian and 121 overseas...
    - 49 mins ago 6 Feb 16, 10:25am -
  • newRivette-ing cinema
    Jacques Rivette, who passed away recently, inspired filmmakers like Truffaut and Godard
    - 52 mins ago 6 Feb 16, 10:22am -
  • new‘I’m a Bala veriyan’
    R. K. Suresh is still coming to terms with his success as a villain in Tharai Thappattai. In conversation with sudhir srinivasan
    - 55 mins ago 6 Feb 16, 10:19am -

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  • newIndia beat Namibia by 197 runs, reach semi-final - The Indian Express
    The Indian ExpressIndia beat Namibia by 197 runs, reach semi-finalThe Indian ExpressIndia reach U-19 World Cup semi-final. (Source: ICC). India U-19, having won their group stage matches, will play Namibia U-19 in the quarter-final of the U-19 C…
    - 2 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 9:36am -
  • newIndia's naval might on full display at fleet review - Times of India
    Times of IndiaIndia's naval might on full display at fleet reviewTimes of IndiaPresident Pranab Mukherjee, onboard the presidential yacht INS Sumitra, reviewed the imposing international parade of fleet at IFR-2016 here where 50 countries have c…
    - 2 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 9:29am -
  • newIndia Offers Aid To Sri Lanka In IT Sector - NDTV
    NDTVIndia Offers Aid To Sri Lanka In IT SectorNDTVShe also referred to India's "Smart Cities" project with Bhubaneswar in Odisha leading the list "where information and communication technologies will be used to enhance quality, performance and…
    - 2 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 9:03am -
  • newAustralian with suspected Islamic State links deported from India - ABC Online
    ABC OnlineAustralian with suspected Islamic State links deported from IndiaABC OnlineThe ABC has confirmed a report in the Indian Express that the Malay-Australian youth was deported after being detained for questioning at New Delhi's Indira Gan…
    - 3 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 8:26am -
  • newShaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed to visit India -
    gulfnews.comShaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed to visit Indiagulfnews.comAbu Dhabi: His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, will begin on Wednesday a three-day long…
    - 4 hours ago 6 Feb 16, 7:26am -

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