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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Doesn't Track APPL
CNBC's Scott Wapner sits down with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, to discuss Tesla, Apple's performance in the market and what the future could hold for Apple.Apple shares tanked earlier after Lumentum Holdings, which makes technology for the iPho…
- 6 hours ago 13 Nov 18, 6:46pm -
Rocket Lab Wants To Be The FedEx Of Space
Rocket Lab's Electron rocket comes at a price tag that's only a fraction of the $50 million or more it costs to launch a larger rocket. How will that revolutionize the industry and expand who will be able to send satellites into space?Rocket Lab pu…
- 1 day ago 12 Nov 18, 8:43pm -
Virgin Hypeloop One CEO Walder On Transportation Tech
Virgin Hyperloop One CEO Jay Walder sits down with the 'Squawk Alley' team to discuss the future outlook for Virgin Hyperloop One, the technology development and the proposed routes.» Subscribe to CNBC: CNBC: From…
- 1 day ago 12 Nov 18, 1:57pm -
Why Democrats and Republicans Are Claiming A Midterm Win
A fractured political environment played out in voting booths across the country in the midterm elections. Here's a breakdown of why both Democrats and Republicans can point to wins, and what it means moving forward.» Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.…
- 4 days ago 9 Nov 18, 8:21pm -
The Rise And Fall Of Barnes & Noble
Before Amazon challenged Barnes & Noble the brick-and-mortar bookseller was one of the most prolific American chains during the twentieth century. This holiday season could be the most crucial one of Barnes & Noble's history.Its sales have been i…
- 5 days ago 8 Nov 18, 5:45pm -
Facebook's Portal And Portal+ Reviewed
Facebook hasn't found its place in hardware, but it's getting closer.Unlike Apple, Amazon or even Google, Facebook has struggled to find a hardware product with mass appeal. It has a niche virtual reality business with Oculus VR. And, it partnered…
- 5 days ago 8 Nov 18, 2:13pm -
Diabetics Are Hacking Their Own Insulin Pumps
There is a revolution in the Type 1 diabetes community and thousands of people are now hacking their insulin pumps for better blood sugar management. CNBC's Erin Black, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 20 years ago, decided to try out the hacke…
- 6 days ago 7 Nov 18, 4:45pm -
Democrats Won The House - How Will Markets Respond
Democrats were able to take control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, while Republicans held on to the Senate. Here's what the split Congress means for Trump's economy.» Subscribe to CNBC:…
- 7 days ago 7 Nov 18, 4:04am -
Why 7-Eleven Failed In Indonesia
Indonesia's first 7-Eleven opened in 2009 and became a popular hangout spot for consumers. At their peak in the Southeast Asian country, they numbered 190 stores, offering free Wi-Fi and a seating area for guests while selling fresh local meals and t…
- 7 days ago 6 Nov 18, 7:21pm -
Apple's Macbook Air Reviewed
The Apple MacBook Air has been a fan favorite since it was introduced in 2008. Apple hasn't given it a big face-lift since 2010, however, and the new model finally adds features fans have been waiting for, like a sharper screen. Here's CNBC's review…
- 8 days ago 6 Nov 18, 11:00am -
LIVE: New York Times DealBook Conference - Nov. 1, 2018
New York Times DealBook Conference with Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times and CNBC.» Subscribe to CNBC: CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV serie…
- 12 days ago 1 Nov 18, 10:53pm -
When Bitcoin Hit $100: CNBC's 2013 Coverage
Less than two years after it had been trading under $1, Bitcoin surged to more than $100 in the spring of 2013. CNBC's panel discussed the risks and benefits of the cryptocurrency, its comparisons to gold, and whether or not the run up was a bubble.…
- 12 days ago 1 Nov 18, 7:12pm -


What a Strong Dollar Means for the Market - Jim Cramer Breaks it Down
"People are overlooking every positive. And that's silly," said TheStreet's Founder and Action Alerts Plus Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer.From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Cramer broke down what's driving the current market and which cat…
- 8 hours ago 13 Nov 18, 4:07pm -
The Street's Jim Cramer Discusses the Week Ahead.
Jim Cramer talks about Veterans, the strong economy in some areas and a week economy on others related to overseas. Issues with housing and the stock of the day which is Home Depot.SUBSCRIBE | don't have a crystal…
- 1 day ago 12 Nov 18, 5:07pm -
Jim Cramer on the Fed, Chinese Stocks, Activision, Dropbox & General Electric
Jim discusses what he's watching in the market and why China may be helping out US companies on input costs.00:12 Jim also explains why doesn't like the better-than-expected PPI reading we got this morning but remains optimistic."It was very hot,…
- 4 days ago 9 Nov 18, 4:40pm -
Jim Cramer Talks Take-Two and What's Next for Cannabis
Here's what you need to know about the market going into the end of the week. Or, rather, what Jim Cramer says you need to know. TheStreet's founder breaks down the video game stocks, and what investors need to know about the cannabis stocks after…
- 5 days ago 8 Nov 18, 4:51pm -
What Do the Midterm Results Mean for the Market? Experts Weigh In
Don't know what to expect as the midterm results roll in?Alicia Levine, Chief Strategist at BNY Mellon, weighs in about the potential market impact. Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst for Action Alerts Plus, and Kevin Curran, RealMoney reporter…
- 6 days ago 7 Nov 18, 5:34pm -
What's Next? Jim Cramer Shares His Post-Election Gameplan
Have you even taken a look at what you need to get done for your portfolio?Don't worry, Cramer has. He breaks down what investors need to look at next. The Fed MinutesDon't take a break just yet, the Federal Reserve will be releasing minutes T…
- 6 days ago 7 Nov 18, 4:56pm -
2019 Outlook: Investors Still Fearful
Some investors may want to be more observant and less active for the next few months. The Federal Reserve will raise rates once more this year. Questions regarding where the U.S. is in the economic cycle are emerging. Stocks have fallen hard since…
- 7 days ago 7 Nov 18, 11:42am -
'I Want You to Vote,' Says Jim Cramer
It's midterm election day, America. Jim Cramer cast his ballot early this morning. Have you? If you haven't, get out and vote!Midterms and the MarketCramer thinks that it's time to take a look at the defense sector in light of the midterms.Th…
- 7 days ago 6 Nov 18, 4:27pm -
Midterm Elections: These Sectors Are Key to Watch For
The midterm elections are almost sure to have an impact on financial markets. JJ Kinahan, Chief Market Strategist at TD Ameritrade broke down which sectors are key to watch after the elections, as vigilant stock investors make their moves. "There…
- 8 days ago 5 Nov 18, 6:06pm -
Jim Cramer: I Can't Be as Cynical as the President
Jim Cramer, founder of TheStreet, expressed his thoughts on the midterms. He also tackled other topics--such as Apple AMZN and Amazon AMZN and his RealMoney piece on oil.Both Apple and Amazon are holdings in Cramer's Action Alerts Plus portfolio.…
- 8 days ago 5 Nov 18, 5:10pm -
What Is 3%? Jim Cramer on the Jobs Report
Jim Cramer took a deep dive into the market on Friday, Nov. 2. He went in-depth on the jobs number, which was impressive, and harped on the fact that he doesn't believe Wall Street understands the importance of higher pay. Here's what Cramer had to…
- 11 days ago 2 Nov 18, 4:13pm -
Earnings Still Matter: Apple, Starbucks, Facebook
Earnings have remained solid in the third-quarter. Apple AAPL , Facebook FB and Starbucks SBUX all beat expectations on the bottom line. Investors have concerns about each company, both for backwards looking reasons and forward looking reasons.Appl…
- 11 days ago 2 Nov 18, 1:18pm -

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  • new3M board OKs $10 billion share buyback program, dividend

    3M board OKs $10 billion share buyback program, dividend

    3M Co. said late Tuesday its board of directors has authorized the buyback of up to $10 billion of 3M's shares, replacing the company's existing repurchase program. In the same statement, the company said its board declared a dividend of $1.36 a sh…
    - 2 hours ago 13 Nov 18, 10:52pm -
  • newDeputy NSA Ricardel may be fired after clash with First Lady: report

    Deputy NSA Ricardel may be fired after clash with First Lady: report

    Deputy National Security Adviser Mira Ricardel may be fired,The Wall Street Journal reported, citing an unnamed White House official. Ricardel had clashed with First Lady Melania Trump over issues including seating on the trip to Africa as well as t…
    - 3 hours ago 13 Nov 18, 9:43pm -
  • newO'Reilly ups share buyback, agrees to buy assets in South Florida

    O'Reilly ups share buyback, agrees to buy assets in South Florida

    O'Reilly Automotive Inc. said late Tuesday its board of directors has authorized an increase of $1 billion in the auto parts retailer's share buyback program, raising the authorization to $11.75 billion. In the same statement, O'Reilly said it has…
    - 3 hours ago 13 Nov 18, 9:41pm -
  • newBlue Apron stock declines after revenue miss

    Blue Apron stock declines after revenue miss

    Blue Apron Holdings Inc. shares declined in the extended session Tuesday after the subscription meal service posted revenue that fell below Wall Street estimates and said it was laying off staff. Blue Apron shares fell 5% after hours, following a 2…
    - 3 hours ago 13 Nov 18, 9:31pm -
  • newSurveyMonkey parent posts narrower Q3 adjusted loss

    SurveyMonkey parent posts narrower Q3 adjusted loss

    Shares of SVMK Inc. rose 0.3% in the extended session Tuesday after the parent company of SurveyMonkey Inc. reported adjusted third-quarter results above expectations. SVMK said it lost $102.4 million, or 99 cents a share, in the quarter, compared…
    - 3 hours ago 13 Nov 18, 9:25pm -

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